my name is mike I live in Darwin and thanks to the aussie online entrepreneurs and neil asher i’ve lost $1300

I followed neils advice about start a business on Amazon in America and we made exactly 10 sales before the product was ripped off by sellers from china I used the sourcing agent that neil recomemds and i suspect that neil and him are in on a deal to copy any products that look like they will be a success on amazon

then I believe that they sell these product ideas to the highest bidder

I have asked neil to refund me the $1300 that I am out of pocket but he basically told me to piss off he did refund the $77 i paid him for the membership of the aussie online entrepreneurs but I want all my money back

So I have started this website to warn other people to be more careful and to not join the aussie online entrepreneurs or to start selling on Amazon its a total scam