Aussie Online Entrepreneurs in Cahoots with China!

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Review

My life has taken a turn down worse since I signed for neil ashers aussie online entrepreneurs for selling on amazon. I was in a financial mess after I lost my job as a manager and there was no other work for me to do. I will admit I took a chance but I was really fooled after I took a gander at his webpage. How was I to know asher would turn out such a cockie. In fact I will share he is worse than all the mozzies in darwin.

Its partly my own fault. I forgot to check who is selling the same things first. The third time I whinged at amazon they came back and told me the chinese were first with the boomerangs. Then they bollocked me for using the same photos and words.


I am beginning to realise the chinese are behind amazon because they already have something similar called alibaba. And we all know alibaba has forty thieves doing his dirties and stealing from decent people like me. It’s a known fact the chinese are a bunch of bludgers. I think that fellow trump was right when he says they are into stealing other peoples ideas.

Both companies I paid the deposits to for my boomerangs and sheepskins are also in china I found out when I looked. So thanks to neil asher I got fleeced like a sheep. And all I was trying to do was make money while watching the box. I am so mad I wrote the chinese government I am suing them for the $1300 they stole. I should never have done that because now I am in serious trouble.


I know the chinks have been buying businesses in darwin again. After they pissed america off big time by stealing their ideas too. That trump fellow put sanctions that are hurting ozzie businesses. I told one so we are under a threat you started. Why dont you bugger off and leave us alone.
That’s another thing I should not have done pissing chinks off like that. I have noticed car loads of them following me even one drove past my house. They are tracking my movements. I even closed my amazon account what else can I do. This may be the last message I send out. In case I don’t come back please do this for me.

In case I don’t come back please do this for me PLEASE PROMISE

I want you to tell all your mates that amazon is a scam chinese people operate to steal ozzie ideas. I cant prove it but I suspect neil asher and the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs is a secret agent for china and he finds suckers for them to rob. You could be next. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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