Neil asher duped me into thinking I could make easy money by selling things on the internet. I lost my job in darwin and as you know jobs are not two a penny here. I was looking for a way to make money at home when I found his website. Just give me $77 a month he said and I will make you filthy rich like me. So I found him on facebook where he was showing off his new car.

I noticed something that should have had me suspicious. I saw photos on the facebook of a woman showing more bazoomas than they should while he was laughing. This should have tipped me I was dealing with a person of low morals. Now in the outback especially darwin where I live we have nothing like that going on. Don’t get me wrong I love my woman. I just think they should dress so they don’t tempt me.

I don’t believe women are half as good at business as me

I stupidly took asher’s advice when he said sell something you have a passion for that you can describe it well. Now I have been chucking boomerangs all my life and my holden would not be the same without my sheepskin covers. I was surprised how easy it was to find suppliers and to be honest they were queueing up. In fact they were so desperate I got away with 50% deposits.

How was I to know asher has 40% women working in his office and they do not have a clue what they are doing. He was living in Lisbon tax free in his larny $2,500,000 palace on the beach when I emailed his Australia office for advice. I honestly don’t believe women are half as good at business as men like me.
be careful doing business with asher his promises are scams

After I lost my amazon password I searched for boomerangs and sheepskins and found three identical pages belonging to a china company. They even used the same photos as the ones i found on flickr and the words were the same except price. But those mongrels were only selling for 40% markups and this made them slightly cheaper than my 100%. Crikey how else am I supposed to live off amazon which is basically what asher says.

I figure neil asher’s business is a front for some Chinese billionaire. They may even be in Australia for all I know. I paid asher $77 and lost my $1,300 to do all the hard work for his Chinese pal to make money with my ideas. I wrote this blog to warn my fellow australians be careful doing business with neil asher because his promises are not worth the money there printed on.

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