Neil Asher stole my money with his Aussie Online Entrepreneurs scam

My name is Mike and I want to warn you about a scam on Amazon that stole my money. It is bad enough living in this godforsaken place called Darwin when you have a job. I was doing fine until I got a new boss and I could see he did not know what he was doing. He wanted to change the shop around and guess who had to do the work while he was swanning around doing sweet FA.

So one day I told him to shove the job. This was just after Neil Asher hit me with the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs scam that basically promised me I could make money on Amazon I thought I would clean up selling my sheepskins and boomerangs to Americans. I was riding high at the time.

My problem with Asher is he’s a pom so doesn’t get Aussies. His course is a pain in the arse to study as there is so bloody much of it. Anyway, silly me I trusted him and paid the $77 joining fee for the first month. He gave me a shit load of stuff to go through  to read that ended up stuffing up my weekend.

Now look, I am not stupid. I was a manager in my last job so I knew what to do without following all the boring details in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs. I found myself a supplier in china that sold Aussie sheepskins and boomerangs, registered with Amazon and posted stuff on there. I was pretty chuffed when I got a few sales within a week

The next time I went on Amazon I found not one, but three China sellers with the exact same boomerangs and sheepskins as mine. Even the photos were the ones I borrowed from Flickr. I chirped Amazon but they said they were in the public domain and that was that. What really pissed me off was the prices were all a half off mine.

When Asher told me I could make money on Amazon with his Aussie Online Entrepreneurs box of cheating tricks, he should have told me that chinks can sell on amazon too. The shop i got the idea from was making 35% in Darwin and I figured I could do the same. I did my sums. I would have to sell 438 sheepskins and 1343 boomerangs just to live the way I used to. This is why I say

Neil Asher lied when he caught me with his Aussie Online Entrepreneurs scam

I am not a bad person. I have mates who think I am clever and good-looking. I could have gone to the police and screwed that con artist Neil Asher to the wall. But I thought let’s be nice about this although I already figured out he was behind the rip off scam on Amazon that ended up costing me $1300. So I wrote to the supplier, explained what happened and asked for my $1300 deposit back. They said that they weren’t responsible for other sellers selling on Amazon

I wrote Neil a really nice letter explaining my situation and asking him to send the $77 and $1300 back. All I ever saw was the $77 i paid to him. He gave some lame excuse that he can’t be responsible for my business and that i should have followed his system and done the proper due dilliegence instead of just going for it, but seriously everyone wants sheepskins and boomerangs so clearly this pommy pillock hasn’t got a clue

he then said I should follow his advice to sell the other stock I have to get my $1300 back from those thieving chink bastards

I started this website to warn you to treat Neil Asher for what he is, A CROOK

Asher’s Aussie Online Entrepreneurs scam is dead simple when you figure it out. He charges losers $77 a month so they waste their time finding products they think will make money on Amazon for them.

Now I am going to sink Neil Asher for good in a billabong so watch this space

I have been checking Asher out carefully. I am going to blast him out the water with dirt you will not believe until you know the truth. It is not in my nature to be horrible. But I want to stop Neil Asher’s Aussie Online Entrepreneurs scam in its tracks, before he robs everybody else.

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